Immovable vs. Unstoppable

"Pare, just a little question: Who will win, unstoppable force or immovable object?"

I received this three days ago from my friend, the awesome Raymond Lazaro :'D, and I was already in bed when I read this.
I answered in my (tired) head :'p : no one will win. Or, if someone has to win, then either or both.

First: Why no one? Because it is the clashing of two contradictory forces that has (for the simplification of this discussion) no other reason for it existence than to be one thing: in this case, either an unstoppable force or an immovable object. If both meet, then they will simply cease to exist. The unstoppable force did not stop, because its non-existence means there is nothing to move anyway; the immovable object died as well, as such, it did not go anywhere than where it was. (It's like asking the question: If God can do anything, can He make a rock that is so heavy that He cannot lift it? The question sort of negates itself.) Which brings us to the second scenario: either or both will win.

In this win-lose-or-win-win scenario, if the "success" in this "struggle" depends on the purpose of either, then either or both will win. How? If the will or purpose of the unstoppable force is to vanquish the immovable object, regardless of its own existence, then the unstoppable force wins; and vice versa.

This is just my take. I wonder what else it could be?
(Sorry, I don't any deep life lesson in this... contemplation. Nachts!)

--- ---

EDIT: 12-09-2009, 22:35 -- eureka!

I have some amazingly deep philosophically spiritual unforgettable life lesson about this:

If an absolutely stubborn guy clashes against an absolutely persistent girl about, for example, what shirt color the guy should wear, a blue or a red one, neither the blue shirt nor the red one would exist. :'D Easy. Neither won. But in this case, i.e., a social phenomena, both lost.

[In philosophy no feelings are hurt (they--feelings and philosophy--are merely concepts). But in the real world, people believe in feelings. People have feelings.]

... darn, does this make sense? ;'DDD

My links now open in new window

Today I implemented this code in my Shadouness blog so that clicking any links in my posts will open a new window:

Make All Links Open In A New Window

Instead of coding each individual link to a blog, picture, or web site, you can make all links within your blog open in a new window. Simply add a "<base target='_blank' />" to your blog, in the header.


And change that to:
<base target='_blank' />

Thanks to the wonderful blog The Real Blogger Status.
EDIT 12-05-2009, 15:05: I reverted to the old link behavior. This new one gets somewhat annoying :'p It's OK if you use shortcut keys to navigate while browsing, but few people do that.
EDIT 12-08-2010, 22:09: Okay... I'm using the "open in new window" behavior in everything. Heh. I don't want people to go "backing" and "forwarding" with my site and the links that I provide ='p

The Col. Stauffenberg Connection

Three weeks ago, I watched Valkyrie on video. It is the 2008 film about the last attempt of the German Resistance to kill Adolf Hitler, the central character of which was Col. Claus von Stauffenberg.

"Valkyrie" was the name given to an emergency operation that would automatically take effect in case of a breakdown in civil order (and upon amendment, expanded its orders for an effective coup. It is explained within the first third of the film, and essential to understanding the whole events in the movie).

The attempt came to be known as the 20 July plot and Valkyrie was executed in one day. Col. Stauffenberg was arrested, jailed and sentence the same day and died by firing squad, along with his co-conspirators, at the age of 36.

July 20 was my brother's birth day, and "36" is my number because my birth day was March 6 (03-06). Wurd.

links related to this post:
- Valkyrie movie on IMDB
- More of Adolf Hitler: Hitler Historical Museum, includes his writings, speeches, images, and more.
- Operation Valkyrie
- Valkyrie in Norse mythology, the origin of the name of Operation Valkyrie.
- A few quotes from Col. Stauffenberg:  Claus von Stauffenberg Quotes on Brainy Quote
- Short biographies on Col. Stauffenberg:
 .. WW2 in Color History forum: Clauss Graf Schenk von Stauffenberg - WW2 Hero
 .. on Col. Stauffenberg in the website Spartacus Educational
- George Duncan's Assassination Attempts on Hitler’s Life lists some of the attempts on killing Hitler

Bloomberg Innovators TV Series

Last night I caught a new TV series on Bloomberg channel titled Innovators.
A TV program that debuted last October 30 this year, it "brings you people who are changing the way we live, from new ways of interacting with computers and exploring space to high-speed communications and creating in 3D."

That 4th episode of Innovators, "The World Is Not Flat" (this links to the online broadcast of this episode on, was a behind-the-scenes look at some of the leaders of visual 3D technology and production, at innovative ways to interact with video interfaces, and at 3D printing technologies that allow for faster and cheaper production of, for example, prototype objects.

Other links related to this post:

- See a portion of this episode of Innovators >> DreamWorks' Katzenberg on 3D Animation, Technology: Innovators on YouTube by Bloomberg
Oblong (tech developer) on Bloomberg Innovators (on blog Feld Thoughts)
3D printers by Dimension

Baha-Bahang Buhay: Mga Kuwentong Ondoy

This article was originally published on, categorized under Arts & Culture; original author undisclosed:

Baha-Bahang Buhay: Mga Kuwentong Ondoy

Loss and suffering take on a human face as Tanghalang Ateneo stages Baha-Bahang Buhay: Mga Kuwentong Ondoy, a play depicting people's experiences of the fury unleashed by Typhoon Ondoy.

The play, written and directed by company members, assembles fourteen stories of lives transformed by a devastating storm. To the students, the work represents one way in which the theater can respond to social crisis.

The stories portray loss and pain in varied, sometimes unusual, situations. A mother searches for a missing child lost in the rush of people to claim relief goods. Soldiers assigned to rescue flood victims worry about the safety of their own families. A family diligently follows survival tips from a radio announcer. A journalist wonders if the photographs he has taken of human suffering make a real difference in people's lives.

Four friends trapped in a flooded room are assaulted by a crocodile. Students connecting to classmates via the internet suddenly lose connection with one of them. A manager of a relief operations center is unable to deliver goods because there?s no way to bring them to flooded areas. These and other stories, including a reference to the wrath of Mother Nature let loose by environmental damage, are brought to life by actors playing multiple roles.

Come and watch Baha-Bahang Buhay. Your support will be a source of hope for persons and communities affected by the typhoons. Proceeds will help student groups dedicated to continue relief and rehabilitation efforts in the wake of Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng.

Contact Details:
For inquiries, please call Nicola De Vera at (63 917) 856-0787 or email:


Ateneo de Manila University
Rizal Mini Theater, Katipunan Ave., Loyala Heights
Quezon City, Metro Manila
View map on Google Maps

Wednesday November 25, 2009 7:00 PM
Thursday November 26, 2009 7:00 PM
Friday November 27, 2009 7:00 PM
Saturday November 28, 2009
- 2:00 PM
- 7:00 PM

The Multiplication of Good

I've been thinking about this since the overwhelming help that arrived from all over the Philippines, even overseas, to ease the effects of the tragedy of typhoon Ondoy on the Filipinos.

Millions of donations were received, thousands of volunteers worked.

I thought [in Tagalog, siyempre :'p] "If only these people had been doing something like this even before the tragedy, the separation of the poor and rich wouldn't have been so great."

What "Would OF Been" Better??!

I just have to talk about this fast.

I'm really irked. Have you seen comments all around the web telling how things "would of been better" if this were that or that were this? It's not "would OF". "Would HAVE".

"Would HAVE".

Come on.

I'm pissed. With the amount of time and number of times it's already been used, I'm just thinking that people would figure out it's wrong and help each other correct it. How difficult is it to know and remember?

YouTube has a lot of these... oh, poor YouTube! ;'o

Geez, English isn't my mother tongue and I see Americans making this mistake. Please, guys... don't insult yourselves.

Lyra Silvertongue

I only realized today, after re-watching the last 3rd of the film The Golden Compass on HBO that the name "Lyra" was an... "aural anagram" for "liar". It was so obvious. She was the liar who (with the compass) can see the truth in everything.

The thing that really bothered me about that movie was that the protagonist was an expert liar. It was sort of a coincidence also that earlier this week I read about the movie in a blog (or was it a forum?) saying that the trouble with the movie was that Lyra had no respect for authority. I didn't really notice, nor did it bother me much when I learned about it. And although respect for authority is important, questioning the motives of leaders is also important. However, true learning can only be gained by giving due regard to someone (or something) other than oneself.

Now, I'm not absolutely honest with everything and everyone, but I am not "a liar", and definitely a bad one :'p

"Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death." ~Godfrey of Ibelin, Kingdom of Heaven

Some links (with some interesting facts) on the name "Lyra":
Lyra on
Lyra on

Free Laundry for Typhoon Ondoy's Victims

This is the unedited message I received in my Facebook inbox from Atty. Raul Lambino earlier today:

+Please pass+ +Please pass+ +Please pass+



Today October 3, 2009, in a lunch meeting with my client MR. WYDEN KING, owner of KALINISAN STEAM LAUNDRY, INC., one of the biggest industrial laundry company in the country that serves various big establishments like hotels, hospitals, & garment factories, he has told me that KALINISAN is offering FREE LAUNDRY & WASHING of all clothing materials (linens, bedsheets, pants, shirts, dresses, etc.) to all victims of typhoon Ondoy in Marikina, Quezon City, Cainta, Pasig, Taguig, Antipolo City and other areas in NCR, Rizal & Southern Tagalog. He instructed me to help disseminate this information so Kalinisan can immediately serve our people.

After the meeting, I immediately called up Mayor Mon Ilagan of Cainta, Rizal about this development and texted various friends in the media. Then I went to the Kalinisan warehouse at No. 10 Manggahan St., Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City where the factory is situated and conferred with the people in charge of the operations. I saw some dirty clothings already arriving from numerous victims and even saw more than 500 people-evacuees who are comfortably housed at the Kalinisan warehouse and supplied with foods, water and other needs mostly from Mrs. Peachy King, wife of Mr. Wyden King. Their condition is much-much better of than those who are now in other evacuation centers.

We enjoin the concerned LGUs, government agencies, NGO's , foundations, other individuals and the victims themselves to bring to Kalinisan such cloth items if they have the logistics to do so, or coordinate with their respective LGUs how we can effectively carry out this mission.

You can get in touch directly to Kalinisan by calling or texting these numbers: Tels. 6350601 to 05 local 128; CP # 0917-8909577 look for ALEX MALCO; or 0917-8591917 look for ESPIE DITABLAN. Likewise, you may call or text me at 09178936630.

Please pass this Note to others & let us do our little share in helping and uniting our nation by alleviating the plight of those who are most in need at such kind of moment. God bless us all.


Calamity Relief Needed ~Philippines

Calamity relief in the Philippines urgently needed due to typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana. Please help if you can. Send donations, spread the news, send thoughts and prayers... Some details can be found here:
> YouTube videos with keywords "Ondoy", "Ketsana":
> How you can help:
> Donating to Manila from abroad:
> Definitely Filipino, a Facebook group:

Thank you very much.
May the Force be with Us all.

+ + +

(Just a personal account of the event:
(I just got back from Vincentian Hills Seminary (atop a forested hill) in Angono, Rizal (Philippines) one of the "less affected" areas (though also experienced flooding and cut off of services), and the scene is gloomy. Along with priests, seminarians, sisters, high school girl retreatants (who should have gotten home on the 26th to Pampanga that is hundreds (or thousands?) of kilometers away), the feast of St. Vincent de Paul (Sept. 27) was "celebrated" in drab. A narra tree by the small bridge down the slope was uprooted, and as electrical cables were caught up in its branches, the big electrical post fell down onto the road. Our electricity was cut off, including phone connection, wi-fi connection wasn't available so even with the laptops on battery we won't be able to connect for help or see what's happening outside, and our cellphone signals went dead for a long time; or the signal went on and off sporadically. We didn't receive news on TV, nor get our newspapers. We were somewhat stranded (we could go downhill, but only on foot and the area around was still muddy or flooded) in the seminary for 2 days and I didn't know how bad the situation was until I went out in a van for the first time to attempt going home to Quezon Province on Sept. 27 and drive into the towns of Taytay and Cainta in Rizal, to Antipolo and back to Angono, Rizal. But It was only tonight (upon returning to Lucena City, Quezon Prov.) that I really learned how wide the damage was: frontpage news nationwide, dozens of people already dead, lots more properties lost or damaged, and still a lot of areas flooded).

Ondoy situation map for Metro Manila (you could also zoom in to see Vincentian Hills Seminary (labeled "Vincentian Seminary") somewhere in Angono, south of Metro Manila):



ABOVE: Front view of Vincentian Hills Seminary in Angono, Rizal. To my right is downhill to the gate, some 200-500(?) meters away

BELOW: Down the slope from the seminary just inside the gate, a concrete electrical and communications post blocks the way.

ABOVE: Approaching the bridge to the gate of the compound. At right is the fallen narra tree. The muddy part with water is the bridge, clogged under by dirt, wood, mud... so that the water passes over it, not under. A makeshift bridge was made (far left of photo) by Mr. Noynoy, a Vincentian Hills Seminary cook.
Beyond you can see the fallen concrete post.

BELOW: A view from the fallen post. The fallen tree cannot be seen, at the left. Some cables still connected to another post, far into the photo. (Thinner cable at the left of photo was caught in the fallen tree's branch.

ABOVE: The concrete avenue now looks like a dirt road.

BELOW: An appliance store in Rizal Province. One of the many business establishments damaged by the typhoon.

BELOW: Flooded street at the side of Puregold grocery/supermarket in Taytay, Rizal

Vewy Funny, Google ='D

I'm most likely already late at discovering this neat little option in Google, but it's good to know that one of the best companies in the world has a good sense of humor.

Today, I suddenly found the language in Google in Filipino (language of the Philippines). While I am a Filipino, I prefer reading in English language since admittedly, spellings in our language are long, hence more tedious to read. So I went to the preferences and looked for English. On the dropdown menu, I pressed "E" for "English" and, much to my delight, I discovered "Elmer Fudd" as an option.

I chose it and now I can find "My Wabits" in my Google and it's got cool "Pwefewences".

Hoo-way! ='D


Here in the Philippines, there are people who we refer to as pranka ("frank"). They are people who tell the "truth" regardless of the effects of that knowledge to the recipient, and inconsiderate of how that truth is delivered. Truth is important to them, a concept of unspeakable significance, or so they say.

I daresay, truth is not the only thing that exists in the world (and in the world of human relations). True, I'm not socially adept; in fact, I consider popular person-to-person/people rituals and social conventions as my weakness, but I do know that what we say and do to other people affects them more than we can imagine, and sometimes there are more important things in life than telling straight the plain and simple truth.

Take time, be considerate, think things through, and do not be so arrogant as to deem yourself the only purveyor of truth.

Simply put: be honest, but be nice.

Cool YouTube Comments #1

comment for "Napoleon Dynamite Trailer" []
(3 weeks ago) Show Hide

It just so happens my name is coincidentely Napoleon Dynamite and this film was named after me when i was on death row and tom hanks felt sorry for me so i escaped because my brother michael scholefeild let me out but on my way home by plane i was in a crash and landed on a strange island where i had 24 hours to save the president while the chinese poison running through my vains was killing me and i needed a constant flow of adrenaline, but what they said was bull
10 points if you get all that

The Best Prayer

[... that I could think of.]

"God, take my freedom."

Have you prayed lately?

What have you prayed lately?

May 20 - Famous Birthdays!

Famous People born on this day:

1818 - William George Fargo, founder (Wells Fargo)
1856 - Henri E Cross [Delacroix], French painter
1908 - Jimmy Stewart, PA, actor (Mr Smith Goes to Wash, Wonderful Life)
1916 - John McIntyre, theologian
1924 - Betty Driver, actress (Coronation St, Pardon the Expression)
1931 - Ken Boyer, American baseball player (d. 1982)
1940 - Sadaharu Oh, of Yomiuri Giants (Japan), hit 868 career HR
1942 - Carlos Hathcock, American Marine sniper (d. 1999)
1946 - Cher Bono, Cal, rocker/actress (I Got You Babe, Jack Lalane, Mask)
1958 - Jane Wiedlin, Wisc, singer/guitarist (GoGos, Fur, Rush Hour)
1960 - John Billingsley, American actor
1966 - Mindy Cohn, LA, actress (Facts of Life)
1976 - Anabelle Rey Cezar-Magpantay*, mother, wife, daughter, my sister-in-law

(*All, right, the last one isn't famous, but because of this oh so popular blog, within three days she will be. ='D

Happy Birthday Ate Beng =')

Deaths That Shook the World... of Me

Famous people who I do not know personally (duh*), and who I most probably have connections with at already "6 degrees", but who've become part of my world and aggrieved me with their passing:

Charles M. Schulz (d: 12 February 2000) - creator of Peanuts, Snoopy
Michael Crichton (d: 4 November 2008) - novelist, screenwriter, director, producer; my dinosaur fiction storyteller.
Steve R. Irwin (d: 4 September 2006) - The Crocodile Hunter of Animal Planet
Stan Winston (d: 15 June 2008) - vfx supervisor, innovator, make-up artist, film director
Michael Turner (d: 27 June 2008) - comic book artist, writer
Francis D. Magalona (d: 6 March 2009) - musician, poet, Pinoy patriot

Mark Ritts (d: 7 December 2009) - actor, producer, director, author; I only knew him as a comedy actor, but I he is much more. He was Lester the rat in the children's science TV show Beakman's World.

+This is an ongoing blog entry+

*Like I really know any "famous" people personally.

Film Casting! Apply now!

So you wanna be a star, huh?

Stephanie Mae Bell* needs applicants!

[location is probably somewhere in the U.S.]:

I am needing to fill 75 extra positions for a film.

You will make roughly $100/day and shooting will take aprox. 2 days depending on what happens.

If you have never been an extra make sure you show up on time as doors will be closed on time and you will be turned away if not on time.

You will need to fill out your information and get a portfolio started, it was free but because we are sending this out to so many people and we need to qualify who we work with we will charge a $1.99 fee for the coaching call and for setting up your portfolio on your own site, which we will set up as well.

You will find out more about this shoot and other shoots around town here:

Call me if you have any questions.



*She's a Facebook contact ~theShadoufang
+I've also published this in my "technical" blog ShadouTech (technology, science, entertainment, art,... and other things "technical").

Heart of the Old and New

This is a response to warped4lyf-Lara, author of PsychedeLARA. I could have posted this as a comment in one of your entries, but I opted to post this here instead. I didn't want to look for one of your blog entries where I could fit this into, and it's a personal view anyway, plus this is additional blog entry :'p

I thought about your fondness for the old. Not people, but stuff. That also made me into thinking about my fondness for them. I also like some old stuff -- architecture, films, automobiles, planes, furniture... (I also have collections of stamps, cards, comics, even food packaging.) However, I realized that it wasn't just because of the quality of the pieces or my bit of fondness for nostalgia. It's in the integrity of how they were made. It's not actually these things per se, but the process that went into making them that draws me in, and more importantly the people with the skill and heart involved into making these pieces. Or masterpieces.

You know I never wished to be someone else (and I don't know how to answer that "if you could be... who would you want to be?" question) but I have wished, and still do, that I were somewhere or "some-time" else. I have always felt that I do not belong in this time, that it's not ready for me. (Or I'm not "ready" for it.) The things I have seen and the things I believe in are not things that many people I've met would accept or understand. Of course maybe I'm wrong, but meeting people like you makes me think that it's a vision that's not entirely hopeless.

Ever heard of James Gleick with his book Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything? I haven't read it in whole, only excerpts. Check it out.

What about a "resource based economy"? You could start on the pages of The Venus Project. See if it resonates with you.

Have a nice day =')

You're cool. You're weird. And that is good. =')

When I say "NRN"

It's only an abbreviation meaning "no reply/response needed".

So, what do I mean when I say, "NRN"? It simply means that if you're thinking about replying to my message or comment because you think or feel that I may feel bad about you not responding, then you don't have to worry. We're cool ;')
But if you really feel compelled, you're very welcome. We are cool ;')

Sometimes, however, I would very much like to "hear" a response from you. Mostly, I want people to think and analyze, I want them to see what's possible, I want them to be open minded, all without losing ethics and morality, and your response will let me see what you thought about what I said. Or if you thought about it at all.

Thank you ;')

I am a Jedi

Yesterday, on my 29th birth anniversary, I took my oath in the Temple of the Jedi Order to become a real Jedi*.

This is no joke. This is not a mere fanboy or role-playing activity. This is me taking my path towards my destiny.

I am now a Jedi Padawan, a Jedi Apprentice. An apprentice of the Force.+
[+For 6 March 2009]

*In the Order of the Jedi (Canada) though, I became a member on February 14th, to graduate on the same day in 2010. However, unlike in TOTJO, I as yet have taken no oath nor performed a ritual for membership, training or apprenticeship.

Farewell, FrancisM

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti was born on this day in 1475. One of the greatest artists who ever lived. It's also my birth day, but a full celebration seems inappropriate (though I don't really celebrate it).
This morning I woke up with Wowowee on TV, the host Willie Revillame asking everyone for a momentary silence, and a sad news:

Francis Durango Magalona has passed away.

My niece Gelan was here and she pushed the volume of the TV up several times, complaining there was no sound. That was funny. But thinking about it now, I realize that Francis M's creations will resonate through our universe (no, really), I imagine, for countless millennia. The silence will not be absolute, but an emptiness will be felt.

See some of him here:
Multiply -
Multiply blog -
Wikipedia -

+ + +

Man, you know in our high school band, we enjoyed jamming with your songs the most.

Pareng FrancisM, you are now one with the Force ;)

Thank you for all of your gifts.

~ From all of us