Lyra Silvertongue

I only realized today, after re-watching the last 3rd of the film The Golden Compass on HBO that the name "Lyra" was an... "aural anagram" for "liar". It was so obvious. She was the liar who (with the compass) can see the truth in everything.

The thing that really bothered me about that movie was that the protagonist was an expert liar. It was sort of a coincidence also that earlier this week I read about the movie in a blog (or was it a forum?) saying that the trouble with the movie was that Lyra had no respect for authority. I didn't really notice, nor did it bother me much when I learned about it. And although respect for authority is important, questioning the motives of leaders is also important. However, true learning can only be gained by giving due regard to someone (or something) other than oneself.

Now, I'm not absolutely honest with everything and everyone, but I am not "a liar", and definitely a bad one :'p

"Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death." ~Godfrey of Ibelin, Kingdom of Heaven

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pmm012 said...

forgot what animal her demon is (at least for the most part of the movie) The character that intrigued me most is Urich (or something like that), the polar bear. Never really understood the reason why their armor is so important

Lorgen Shadoufang said...

Hi, Dolphin-dude =') Daemons are sort of equivalent to souls, right? The children's daemons haven't settled in form until adolescence or adulthood I think. Just like people, still searching for their identity in childhood through their teens.

I've read in early promotions of the movie that the polar bears' armors are equivalent to deamons or souls. And is it that their armors were forged from some sort of star-metal? (maybe like Samurai Jack's sword :'p) (+Sounds much like Urich, but actually Iorek heheh :')

We can only imagine how difficult losing our soul would be. If we lose our soul, well we lose ourselves. We are souls.

Thanks for dropping by, man, Most appreciated! ;')