New Band? Southwind, eh?

This host on a show (Games Uplate Live; ABS-CBN channel 2) just told us that there's a new "cool" band in the Philippines: Southwind.

What did I think about it? One thing: "Southwind" is only a euphemism for... tsara-ra-ran taa-raaaan! "Fart". I don't think that's cool. I think it's warm. (That counts as 2-3 thoughts already, doesn't it?)
'nuff said.

(by the way, she also told us that the new "terminator" in the third fourth sequel of the Terminator movie will be Batman Begins' Christian Bale. Can't imagine. Not saying he's a bad choice. Just can't imagine it.)

:add:01212007-1615: here's a link to a feature article about the band in Southwind: Band on the Rise. (I'm posting the link here only for those intrigued. I'm not. (Yet.)) Sheesh... the article title just made the euphemism worse -- I'd really hate for southwind to rise up through my nostrils and into my nasal cavities. Oh, my sensitive nasal cavities!

On Kevin Trudeau - Natural Cures and Frauds

I have been listening to an audiobook by Kevin Trudeau for the past two or three days. Entitled Natural Cures the FDA Doesn't Want You to Know About, he tells about the work of the FDA, FTC, the pharmaceutical companies, and other powerful (and even the not-so-powerful unsuspecting) players in the [U.S.] government and the health industry in trying to ensure that that industry continue to earn their big bucks through selling drugs and services even when there are abundant and low- or no-cost natural cures around.

But I'm investigating if the things he claims are true. A lot of the information he gives may be true. But only probably enough so that people will also believe the lies. Sprinkle enough sugar on your broccoli and you'd think that it's all sweet. And whether he himself is a valid person to be believed.

Here are links to my initial discoveries in my investigations on him: - a Conspiracy Central forum page. Conspiracy Central is a good place to start when you want to learn about conspiracies, but I reckon not a very good place to end your search when you're looking for the truth. As you may see in the page with the link I have provided above, two members (yoshua and Rev. Paine) who seemed to be against Kevin Trudeau, were banned (the label appears below their names in their posts) from the site. Rev. Paine admitted that he is "siding with the evil government" if by siding against Trudeau meant doing that. (Damn, yeah, it's valid!) I believe that it was the reason for his being banned. The other guy (RevolutionJim) who swore at him in response ("FUKU or is it FUK U") is still there. So... I believe now that Conspiracy Central is a good place for conspiracy buffs and those against governments, but not really for truth seekers (at least not as a "final destination" for the truth). - this one contains a whopping 557! complaints (and counting) on Kevin Trudeau! - I visited this site, which Trudeau has repeatedly mentioned again, and again, and again..! (augh!) in a continuous loop that I suspected that he's getting something out of mentioning the website. And, yeah, it's pretty glaring that he really have been getting something out of it. He has his book on it. No doubt he has his name and face all over it*. It requires a membership to see some useful information, and this membership is NOT free. It costs you money. They earn from your membership fee. You have to pay for it. Do I sound like Mojo Jojo here? I want to. Just like Trudeau does in his audiobook.
(*And he looks good. Good enough to make scams with. Even though he admitted that he's made a mistake in the past and that he's a good boy now. He probably only mentioned his being jailed for scamming because it's an easily searched information that could be used against his validity and that he wanted people to believe that he's already a changed man.)

I won't be listening to him anymore. Not for the time being.
1108-2007, 0448