New Band? Southwind, eh?

This host on a show (Games Uplate Live; ABS-CBN channel 2) just told us that there's a new "cool" band in the Philippines: Southwind.

What did I think about it? One thing: "Southwind" is only a euphemism for... tsara-ra-ran taa-raaaan! "Fart". I don't think that's cool. I think it's warm. (That counts as 2-3 thoughts already, doesn't it?)
'nuff said.

(by the way, she also told us that the new "terminator" in the third fourth sequel of the Terminator movie will be Batman Begins' Christian Bale. Can't imagine. Not saying he's a bad choice. Just can't imagine it.)

:add:01212007-1615: here's a link to a feature article about the band in Southwind: Band on the Rise. (I'm posting the link here only for those intrigued. I'm not. (Yet.)) Sheesh... the article title just made the euphemism worse -- I'd really hate for southwind to rise up through my nostrils and into my nasal cavities. Oh, my sensitive nasal cavities!

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silent storm said...


true! i gotta hand it to you!!! lol

As for Terminator... uhm, who cares?!? :P