Lyra Silvertongue

I only realized today, after re-watching the last 3rd of the film The Golden Compass on HBO that the name "Lyra" was an... "aural anagram" for "liar". It was so obvious. She was the liar who (with the compass) can see the truth in everything.

The thing that really bothered me about that movie was that the protagonist was an expert liar. It was sort of a coincidence also that earlier this week I read about the movie in a blog (or was it a forum?) saying that the trouble with the movie was that Lyra had no respect for authority. I didn't really notice, nor did it bother me much when I learned about it. And although respect for authority is important, questioning the motives of leaders is also important. However, true learning can only be gained by giving due regard to someone (or something) other than oneself.

Now, I'm not absolutely honest with everything and everyone, but I am not "a liar", and definitely a bad one :'p

"Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death." ~Godfrey of Ibelin, Kingdom of Heaven

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Free Laundry for Typhoon Ondoy's Victims

This is the unedited message I received in my Facebook inbox from Atty. Raul Lambino earlier today:

+Please pass+ +Please pass+ +Please pass+



Today October 3, 2009, in a lunch meeting with my client MR. WYDEN KING, owner of KALINISAN STEAM LAUNDRY, INC., one of the biggest industrial laundry company in the country that serves various big establishments like hotels, hospitals, & garment factories, he has told me that KALINISAN is offering FREE LAUNDRY & WASHING of all clothing materials (linens, bedsheets, pants, shirts, dresses, etc.) to all victims of typhoon Ondoy in Marikina, Quezon City, Cainta, Pasig, Taguig, Antipolo City and other areas in NCR, Rizal & Southern Tagalog. He instructed me to help disseminate this information so Kalinisan can immediately serve our people.

After the meeting, I immediately called up Mayor Mon Ilagan of Cainta, Rizal about this development and texted various friends in the media. Then I went to the Kalinisan warehouse at No. 10 Manggahan St., Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City where the factory is situated and conferred with the people in charge of the operations. I saw some dirty clothings already arriving from numerous victims and even saw more than 500 people-evacuees who are comfortably housed at the Kalinisan warehouse and supplied with foods, water and other needs mostly from Mrs. Peachy King, wife of Mr. Wyden King. Their condition is much-much better of than those who are now in other evacuation centers.

We enjoin the concerned LGUs, government agencies, NGO's , foundations, other individuals and the victims themselves to bring to Kalinisan such cloth items if they have the logistics to do so, or coordinate with their respective LGUs how we can effectively carry out this mission.

You can get in touch directly to Kalinisan by calling or texting these numbers: Tels. 6350601 to 05 local 128; CP # 0917-8909577 look for ALEX MALCO; or 0917-8591917 look for ESPIE DITABLAN. Likewise, you may call or text me at 09178936630.

Please pass this Note to others & let us do our little share in helping and uniting our nation by alleviating the plight of those who are most in need at such kind of moment. God bless us all.