No Person is All-Knowing

"Some Christians and Muslims say we are humans first, then "Muslim, Christian, Hindi, Jew... etc." only next... if they're wrong, then who is right? You? Who said you are right?? You? Them? Him? Her?
People, people... ideas are dangerous. Ideas/thoughts make us think we are always right. When you always think you are right, then you are wrong. This is not just for one or some of you. I say this for ALL OF US.
At least tell me what keyboard brand and model I am using now, or just tell me what pen brand I use for writing my journals and that is a LITTLE BIT of proof that you are omniscient. If you can't tell me that, don't act as though you are all knowing. Again this is for no one in particular. I say this for ALL OF US. People."

Pope calls for Christians, Muslims to unite against violence