mnmlist : less

mnmlist : less

Stop buying the unnecessary.
Toss half your stuff, learn contentedness.
Reduce half again.
List 4 essential things in your life, do these first,
stop doing the non-essential.
Clear distractions, focus on each moment.
Let go of attachment to doing, having more.
Fall in love with less.



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Their Eyes

We see better when we look with someone else's eyes.


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Posted originally in the Temple of the Jedi Order

Written by Robert W Cannon
Sunday Sermon
September 11, 2011
            Just about a year ago I wrote my first sermon for the Temple.  The topic of that sermon was Ethnocentrism, or discrimination.  That topic was based on the events surrounding the disaster that occurred on September 11, 2001 in New York.  Today marks the ten year anniversary of this tragedy and I hear many comments about remembering the people that died that day others talk still about what they wish to do to those responsible.  Others still believe the past should stay in the past.
            For me I still take the time to remember those that lost their lives that day as well as all the others that have served their country whether military, police, fire department, or E.M.S.  These are some of the most dangerous and often the lowest paying professions in any country.  The men and women that serve these positions put their lives on the line to protect the rights and safety of those around them.  For anyone that is reading this and, in one of these jobs I would like to send out a special thanks to you on this day.
            The object of writing today is to say it is ok to remember.  Allow yourself time to think about those who have gone before us and given their lives for what they believe.  Remember those that have forged the path of history for us.  This is not the same as dwelling on the past and holding on to those physical things that tie us down.  There is a line that we can draw if we allow ourselves to let go of the negativity of remembrance.  That is the hate that people still show ten years later.  The painful memories that if not let go will mold us into those filled with hate, anger, and fear.  Do not be held down by the past.
            I know this week’s message is short but it is sincere.  I remember this day for the fallen.  I remember the honor of those that serve others.  I remember my friends and family.  I also let go of the hate and sorrow that comes with these memories.

Yay Councel

Would you trust an institution to build up your career when it doesn't even know how to spell it?


Firefox Addon MAF + Adblock incompatibility

Finally found the culprit!

This is Firefox's Adblock Plus

When using Mozilla Archive Format (1.0.0), disable Adblock Plus (1.3.3), otherwise you'd always end up saving garbled htm/mht code.

Mozilla Archive Format (MAF) enabled in my Firefox 4.0 Beta 12 web browser

Adblock Plus in the Firefox Add-ons page.
Adblock Plus support site.
Mozilla Archive Format in the Firefox Add-ons page.
MAF support site.

[compatible, compatibility, add-on, addon, Firefox, web browser, incompatible, incompatibility]

Won't Sleep, Must Do Something

I'm there again. In a space where I don't want to sleep because I want to do something. It's a personal space.

It's not boredom. I don't get bored.

I haven't felt like this since... college? 10 years ago?

Just before my 7th grade I think, I realized that I don't like sleeping, or eating, because they just get in the way of what I wanted to do. Read, play, watch, listen... :'p I want to create, or take part in the created.

I smiled inside. :') I smiled outside. Wow. I like it. =')

Hmmm... maybe it was because of Sherlock. I just watched the second episode (third, if you count the unaired pilot*... heehee, unaired pilot. [*pilot=first (episode), for all those TV series newbies out there])

I think the line below hit me hard nicely:
"I don't eat when I'm working. Digesting slows me down." ~Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock (2010)

Although in my case, it's not the digesting that I see would slow me down. It's the eating.

Pinoy Bloggers, Help Graduating Student

All right. This is my last post for tiffitotz, the graduating college student :'p
('cos I'm just feeling super helpful tonight yow! (not only to her, that's why "super" ;'p))

I'm just reposting her statements here. It's easier that way :'p

Below was from her multiply account:

Hello fellow bloggers. I need your help.   
Dec 13, '10 5:09 AM - for everyone
If you are Filipino, 16 and up, and a blogger (regardless of the site, and including Tumblr and Facebook Notes), please help me graduate by answering my survey here:

And if that doesn't work, attached is the same survey in Word format. Please send it to me at

It doesn't matter when you last updated your blog. I'm also studying that aspect so you don't really have to blog everyday to answer my survey. Of course, confidentiality is of utmost priority. Data will be analyzed by group so anonymity is a given. Please do answer it and share to other bloggers as well. Thank you so much! :)
Attachment: Questionnaire (MS).doc

This other one was from where I first saw her... call. It's a blog, scroll down to the comments area where her comment is:

I am a graduating student from UP Manila and blog hopping led me here. :) I was wondering if you could answer a survey I made regarding Filipino bloggers. This is for my thesis and answering will only take you a couple of minutes.

Confidentiality will be of utmost priority. Answering my survey will be very much appreciated. Thanks! :)

All right, people! I think it's going to be fun and introspective, so if you're into any of that, answer the survey. You just might make her day. And graduation :'p (She still needs 80 respondents as of our correspondence today... err, last night.)
Good morning!

Yours in the Force ;')

fbbutton is a Flop

I saw a Firefox addon that claims it will (in my words) enhance and ease my Facebook experience. But only after a Firefox restart, I immediately noticed a big decrease in my browser's responsiveness. Anything I tried to do on Firefox happens a minute or more afterwards. It's. A. Flop. Sadly.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's a vehicle for malicious code.

Here are screenshots of it, and I provided a link* for the curious, but I recommend that you NOT use it:
(*and if you check out the page of that link, you'll see that I'm only one of the four people who "Like"d it on the Facebook widget on that page. Unfortunately, there still isn't an "Unlike" or "Dislike" button.)
ABOVE: fbbutton is listed among the toolbar menus of Firefox

ABOVE: fbbutton adds a toolbar to your Firefox browser 

ABOVE: fbbutton options

ABOVE: It's easy to hit that "Disable" button. "Uninstall" isn't bad either. I only disabled it, kept it there for "archiving"