fbbutton is a Flop

I saw a Firefox addon that claims it will (in my words) enhance and ease my Facebook experience. But only after a Firefox restart, I immediately noticed a big decrease in my browser's responsiveness. Anything I tried to do on Firefox happens a minute or more afterwards. It's. A. Flop. Sadly.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's a vehicle for malicious code.

Here are screenshots of it, and I provided a link* for the curious, but I recommend that you NOT use it:
(*and if you check out the page of that link, you'll see that I'm only one of the four people who "Like"d it on the Facebook widget on that page. Unfortunately, there still isn't an "Unlike" or "Dislike" button.)
ABOVE: fbbutton is listed among the toolbar menus of Firefox

ABOVE: fbbutton adds a toolbar to your Firefox browser 

ABOVE: fbbutton options

ABOVE: It's easy to hit that "Disable" button. "Uninstall" isn't bad either. I only disabled it, kept it there for "archiving"

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