Perfection and God

What really is perfection?
Is it the absence of flaw and of failure?
By human terms, it is. But is God bound by our definition of it? Is God even bound by any of our definition of anything at all? I do not think so.

By human definition of the concept of perfection, the human body is imperfect; human existence on Earth is imperfect; the ways of dying to go to Heaven are imperfect; even Crysis is imperfect!

Is perfect existence the absence of suffering? Or is real perfect existence actually a combination of suffering and comfort?

Are we truly unworthy of putting God in our imperfect minds or is thinking about Him in an "imperfect" human noggin the perfect case?

Why do we keep on arguing that imperfect, ugly events and creations mean a cruel, nonchalant, or even nonexistent God?

Because we really don't know what actual perfection is. Like the uncertainty we have of the real power of brightness of stars as viewed from Earth -- evidenced by the terms apparent and absolute magnitude -- how can we surely say that our view of perfection is "absolutely" what we believe it to be?