Deaths That Shook the World... of Me

Famous people who I do not know personally (duh*), and who I most probably have connections with at already "6 degrees", but who've become part of my world and aggrieved me with their passing:

Charles M. Schulz (d: 12 February 2000) - creator of Peanuts, Snoopy
Michael Crichton (d: 4 November 2008) - novelist, screenwriter, director, producer; my dinosaur fiction storyteller.
Steve R. Irwin (d: 4 September 2006) - The Crocodile Hunter of Animal Planet
Stan Winston (d: 15 June 2008) - vfx supervisor, innovator, make-up artist, film director
Michael Turner (d: 27 June 2008) - comic book artist, writer
Francis D. Magalona (d: 6 March 2009) - musician, poet, Pinoy patriot

Mark Ritts (d: 7 December 2009) - actor, producer, director, author; I only knew him as a comedy actor, but I he is much more. He was Lester the rat in the children's science TV show Beakman's World.

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*Like I really know any "famous" people personally.

Film Casting! Apply now!

So you wanna be a star, huh?

Stephanie Mae Bell* needs applicants!

[location is probably somewhere in the U.S.]:

I am needing to fill 75 extra positions for a film.

You will make roughly $100/day and shooting will take aprox. 2 days depending on what happens.

If you have never been an extra make sure you show up on time as doors will be closed on time and you will be turned away if not on time.

You will need to fill out your information and get a portfolio started, it was free but because we are sending this out to so many people and we need to qualify who we work with we will charge a $1.99 fee for the coaching call and for setting up your portfolio on your own site, which we will set up as well.

You will find out more about this shoot and other shoots around town here:

Call me if you have any questions.



*She's a Facebook contact ~theShadoufang
+I've also published this in my "technical" blog ShadouTech (technology, science, entertainment, art,... and other things "technical").

Heart of the Old and New

This is a response to warped4lyf-Lara, author of PsychedeLARA. I could have posted this as a comment in one of your entries, but I opted to post this here instead. I didn't want to look for one of your blog entries where I could fit this into, and it's a personal view anyway, plus this is additional blog entry :'p

I thought about your fondness for the old. Not people, but stuff. That also made me into thinking about my fondness for them. I also like some old stuff -- architecture, films, automobiles, planes, furniture... (I also have collections of stamps, cards, comics, even food packaging.) However, I realized that it wasn't just because of the quality of the pieces or my bit of fondness for nostalgia. It's in the integrity of how they were made. It's not actually these things per se, but the process that went into making them that draws me in, and more importantly the people with the skill and heart involved into making these pieces. Or masterpieces.

You know I never wished to be someone else (and I don't know how to answer that "if you could be... who would you want to be?" question) but I have wished, and still do, that I were somewhere or "some-time" else. I have always felt that I do not belong in this time, that it's not ready for me. (Or I'm not "ready" for it.) The things I have seen and the things I believe in are not things that many people I've met would accept or understand. Of course maybe I'm wrong, but meeting people like you makes me think that it's a vision that's not entirely hopeless.

Ever heard of James Gleick with his book Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything? I haven't read it in whole, only excerpts. Check it out.

What about a "resource based economy"? You could start on the pages of The Venus Project. See if it resonates with you.

Have a nice day =')

You're cool. You're weird. And that is good. =')