Deaths That Shook the World... of Me

Famous people who I do not know personally (duh*), and who I most probably have connections with at already "6 degrees", but who've become part of my world and aggrieved me with their passing:

Charles M. Schulz (d: 12 February 2000) - creator of Peanuts, Snoopy
Michael Crichton (d: 4 November 2008) - novelist, screenwriter, director, producer; my dinosaur fiction storyteller.
Steve R. Irwin (d: 4 September 2006) - The Crocodile Hunter of Animal Planet
Stan Winston (d: 15 June 2008) - vfx supervisor, innovator, make-up artist, film director
Michael Turner (d: 27 June 2008) - comic book artist, writer
Francis D. Magalona (d: 6 March 2009) - musician, poet, Pinoy patriot

Mark Ritts (d: 7 December 2009) - actor, producer, director, author; I only knew him as a comedy actor, but I he is much more. He was Lester the rat in the children's science TV show Beakman's World.

+This is an ongoing blog entry+

*Like I really know any "famous" people personally.


Mahalia said...

di ko alam na dead na pala si Micheal Crichton. Thanks for the info

Lorgen Shadoufang said...

Hi Mahalia, you're welcome :')
Thanks for visiting too.

Sayang, may at least isa pa s'yang novel na hindi pa natatapos, eh.