Film Casting! Apply now!

So you wanna be a star, huh?

Stephanie Mae Bell* needs applicants!

[location is probably somewhere in the U.S.]:

I am needing to fill 75 extra positions for a film.

You will make roughly $100/day and shooting will take aprox. 2 days depending on what happens.

If you have never been an extra make sure you show up on time as doors will be closed on time and you will be turned away if not on time.

You will need to fill out your information and get a portfolio started, it was free but because we are sending this out to so many people and we need to qualify who we work with we will charge a $1.99 fee for the coaching call and for setting up your portfolio on your own site, which we will set up as well.

You will find out more about this shoot and other shoots around town here:

Call me if you have any questions.



*She's a Facebook contact ~theShadoufang
+I've also published this in my "technical" blog ShadouTech (technology, science, entertainment, art,... and other things "technical").

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