Heart of the Old and New

This is a response to warped4lyf-Lara, author of PsychedeLARA. I could have posted this as a comment in one of your entries, but I opted to post this here instead. I didn't want to look for one of your blog entries where I could fit this into, and it's a personal view anyway, plus this is additional blog entry :'p

I thought about your fondness for the old. Not people, but stuff. That also made me into thinking about my fondness for them. I also like some old stuff -- architecture, films, automobiles, planes, furniture... (I also have collections of stamps, cards, comics, even food packaging.) However, I realized that it wasn't just because of the quality of the pieces or my bit of fondness for nostalgia. It's in the integrity of how they were made. It's not actually these things per se, but the process that went into making them that draws me in, and more importantly the people with the skill and heart involved into making these pieces. Or masterpieces.

You know I never wished to be someone else (and I don't know how to answer that "if you could be... who would you want to be?" question) but I have wished, and still do, that I were somewhere or "some-time" else. I have always felt that I do not belong in this time, that it's not ready for me. (Or I'm not "ready" for it.) The things I have seen and the things I believe in are not things that many people I've met would accept or understand. Of course maybe I'm wrong, but meeting people like you makes me think that it's a vision that's not entirely hopeless.

Ever heard of James Gleick with his book Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything? I haven't read it in whole, only excerpts. Check it out.

What about a "resource based economy"? You could start on the pages of The Venus Project. See if it resonates with you.

Have a nice day =')

You're cool. You're weird. And that is good. =')


warped4lyf said...

thanks! i've always been weird, i know, hehe. thanks for the link, too. regarding your recent comment, though, was "btw, d'you grt bored?" a quote from the little prince or was that an actual question? harhar...loading =P

hey, we can always hold onto that vision, man. and if the times still can't ride with our own little fancies (OR our fancies still can't ride with the times, whichever), there's always the arts to unleash all that "warped" energy ^.~ glad to be on the same boat, mr. shadouness ^^

Mahalia said...

maybe the memories that accompany the "old" things are dearer than the material itself?

Lorgen Shadoufang said...

Darn! I'm sorry ladies! I didn't get e-mail alerts with your comments. But I'm also using Gmail, so there's a Blogger setting that I should probably fix. Anyway...
to warped4lyf:
Hey! Thanks WarpedLara ;') You got me spot on. I DO love the arts, and it's actually what I'm involved in, but I haven't really explored it in terms of unleashing some warped energy so Thank You for reminding me c",)

+Heheh, sorry about the question. I read it again in your blog, and yeah it was in a confusing context. But, yes it is a question, from me to you :'p
So, do you get bored?
to Mahalia:
Yes, exactly. They wouldn't be much valuable to me if they didn't have any idea behind them or some interesting history.
Cars, for example. If that one guy in town has a really expensive car, whatever its form or brand is, if it's not eco-friendly (hybrid at least please) well it's maybe as superficial to me as a blank page in my 100-leaf notebook.

warped4lyf said...

i personally think that boredom is a choice...i usually find something interesting to do when there seems to be nothing haha...i used to just swing by my brother's and beg him to come with me to quiapo or anywhere strange and a bit life-endagering, hekhek...nothing that involves pot, though...nope, that ain't my thing O.o

oh, and one piece of trivia: when i'm bored, i open my closet and do whatever i could get my hands into, e.g. organizing according to colors, weight (yes, how much they WEIGH), length, etc. lol...it's kinda like narnia for me ^^

wut about you?? do YOU get bored?? you seem like you're always on the go...or am i mistaken? =p

take care!

Lorgen Shadoufang said...

Hi WarpedLara!
Great! Now I know that your feet, hands and lips are always moving hahah! Oh, and your mind ;') (I like animation, you know.) That is excellent. Really, there are so many things that we could do that boredom is just not an option.

LOL! Colors, length, weight,... Is that a Batibot thing? ("Pagsama-samahin ang pare-pareho, ang magkakatulad ay ating igrupo") Very interesting... very funny ;'DD

And well, if you want to be somewhere life-endangering, you should see my room. It's a war zone in there! I think it gives my mom high blood pressure moments (really) so I tell her not to look into it anymore ;'p
So I see something common and different between us there, hahah: You like adventures, but you go at them externally, and arranging your room is sort of an adventure. While I do have a lot of adventures, they're the "boring" sorts of adventures. I am introspective and silent (and obviously I don't find arranging my own things "adventurous"). "I fight my battles on the inside", to rephrase Dan Millman in his Way of The Peaceful Warrior :')
I am contented with things like watching movies and good TV programs, reading and drawing, playing video games and walking. I want to learn martial arts not mainly so I could kick someone else's butt, but so I could kick my own butt, so to speak. I even had astronomy magazines. Imagine that, I enjoyed just staring at flickering tiny lights! (Nothing that involves Christmas lights and... ladies, though... that ALMOST ain't my thing.)

(Ooh, shiny...)

Now, the reason why I asked you about it was because of our exploration of "time travel". Because in James Gleick's book Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything he wrote, "The word boredom barely existed even a century ago... Boredom as silence, as emptiness, as time unfilled — was such a mental state even possible? Samuel Johnson, in the eighteenth century, tried hard to believe it was not, for curious creatures such as ourselves. . ."(Click HERE for the excerpt.)

And more importantly, "immunity" to boredom is a sign of a different (higher?) state of awareness; "maturity", if you want a more popular term. (Notice that the older the people get, the more patient and tolerant they become?) ;')
You see ever since I read J. Krishnamurti's discussion on boredom in his book The First and Last Freedom I have learned that boredom is only something that we feel that we don't have. It's an emptiness. So we try to fill it. We turn or walk away from it, from something inside of us. I have learned that actually, boredom is a part of us that we judge and try to change, but we don't even know if we have to change it. The thing is that I have learned to confront whatever it is that is inside of me that I think needs confronting.
And in addition, once you get to be in "good terms" with boredom, you'll know how it is to "conquer" fear -- you'll realize that there is nothing to conquer because fear would not really exist (which actually is another topic for another discussion...)

Now, the "danger" in knowing how to "get rid" of boredom is that you could become boring. I even became a bit annoyed at myself for learning that, but it's probably for the best.

So, Lara I only told you this so you have an option. What path you follow is yours to take. ;')

"Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you." --Neo; The Matrix*enter music: Wake Up*


May the Force be with You, dear WarpedLara ;')