When I say "NRN"

It's only an abbreviation meaning "no reply/response needed".

So, what do I mean when I say, "NRN"? It simply means that if you're thinking about replying to my message or comment because you think or feel that I may feel bad about you not responding, then you don't have to worry. We're cool ;')
But if you really feel compelled, you're very welcome. We are cool ;')

Sometimes, however, I would very much like to "hear" a response from you. Mostly, I want people to think and analyze, I want them to see what's possible, I want them to be open minded, all without losing ethics and morality, and your response will let me see what you thought about what I said. Or if you thought about it at all.

Thank you ;')


warped4lyf said...

wow, thanks for the insights, man!

appreciate 'em ^^

dunno what to say, actually, but trust me, been thinking hardcore on your comments.

thanks for the time, maybe we can link our blogs together ^^

oh and btw, i got your contact deets..how could you just give 'em away like that? O.o i could be a psycho with that black widow kind o'thing going on for her, you'll never know XD

careful, ayt? namaste!

Lorgen Shadoufang said...

Ahaha! You're very welcome... insights are the only things I can give you ;'DD

And I like your views and wishes. Your kind (warped and psyched :'p) are few and far spread across time and space.

No problem about linking our blogs... I'll take your suggestion on how we go about that :') so message me any time. I'll also introduce you to far better (in dedication and skill) bloggers.

Regarding my personal details, were you talking about those included in my message? It's not an issue. As I've seen, I wasn't wrong about trusting you. I also do what you've done for me to people I don't know (give them caution) about giving away their "contact deets" =') I know** someone more psycho *ehem* than you.

Thank you, I'll be careful ;')
Best wishes,

**d'you notice I used the word "know"? :'p heheh