Future car fuels

I just saw yesterday early morning the third episode in the 4-part FutureCar series on Discovery Channel.

Wow. I'm really excited about the developments in this field in the automotive industry (and in power generation in general).

Ethanol, biodiesel, solar, water, hydrogen, pure electricity, even air! All of you should see that. Although I've read on autobloggreen.com that there were a lot of inaccuracies in the show, it's still thought-provoking and should start discussion and more action and support towards environment-friendly -- and cheaper -- technologies. Here in the Philippines, I'm not sure how "good" we will be in adopting those technologies. At the moment, I reckon even the term "hybrid car" is alien to car enthusiasts here. And I'm not a car enthusiast, just a techie. (Though if I'm having a car, I'd prefer one that doesn't run on fossil fuel. At the moment I'm eyeing the hybrid Toyota Prius =')

It's a great leap towards a clean environment. Maybe even a step towards a future where money doesn't hold the value it does now. I mean, air and solar power is free. When we don't pay for our car fuels anymore, what else would we not be paying for in the future?


posham said...

i think there was a filipino who invented a water powered car a few years back, about 6-8yrs ago.. and since government funding here is scarce, he went out to sell it abroad.. a case of history repeating itself.. i think our country should invest more on the public train system where a number of people can ride altogether using electricity that can be generated through solar, wind, or water energy. that way, we have less pollution emmitted by cars and journey will be a lot faster saving time as well..

Lorgen Shadoufang said...

Yeah you're right. News of technologies that use clean and cheap fuels have been popping out only from time to time since I was in high school. It's really a wonder why such technologies don't seem to have been creating the buzz that I think it should... or rather, would have.

I think the government's indifference to technologies that use clean and renewable energy is due to our reliance on fossil fuels. Is it right to say that our economy is fueled by oil? I think so. If we switch to renewable energy, I think the government still doesn't have the ability to support an economy that is based on renewable energy.
What do you think?

Minneapolis Limo said...

There are lots of alternative now spreading on the net. It seems that experts are trying their best to find ways on the continuous increase of gas. Hybrid or electric cars might be the best solution on this global problem.

Lorgen Shadoufang said...

Thank you for visiting and sharing with us, Minneapolis Limo.

Meanwhile, I've watched "Who Killed the Electric Car?" a documentary on what happened with electric car production in the U.S., and primarily about General Motor's electric cars...
Here's a Wikipedia Link to it: