What "Would OF Been" Better??!

I just have to talk about this fast.

I'm really irked. Have you seen comments all around the web telling how things "would of been better" if this were that or that were this? It's not "would OF". "Would HAVE".

"Would HAVE".

Come on.

I'm pissed. With the amount of time and number of times it's already been used, I'm just thinking that people would figure out it's wrong and help each other correct it. How difficult is it to know and remember?

YouTube has a lot of these... oh, poor YouTube! ;'o

Geez, English isn't my mother tongue and I see Americans making this mistake. Please, guys... don't insult yourselves.


pmm012 said...

cool ka lang shadow-dude..

Lorgen Shadoufang said...

Hehehe... Thank you man. Whew, imagine how the world could of been better without these mistakes, haha!
(all right, that's stretching it :'p)