Here in the Philippines, there are people who we refer to as pranka ("frank"). They are people who tell the "truth" regardless of the effects of that knowledge to the recipient, and inconsiderate of how that truth is delivered. Truth is important to them, a concept of unspeakable significance, or so they say.

I daresay, truth is not the only thing that exists in the world (and in the world of human relations). True, I'm not socially adept; in fact, I consider popular person-to-person/people rituals and social conventions as my weakness, but I do know that what we say and do to other people affects them more than we can imagine, and sometimes there are more important things in life than telling straight the plain and simple truth.

Take time, be considerate, think things through, and do not be so arrogant as to deem yourself the only purveyor of truth.

Simply put: be honest, but be nice.


ADRIAN said...

I am thinking you write this on a post-"pranka" event you happen to be a witness. I don't know but i don't exactly know the boundaries of a frank comment and a 'non-frank' comment to me. I guess everything people say to me comes from their very heart and most of all, are true and unmistakably piercing and raw. I like the feeling of getting a bad as well as good criticisms on my work, on my behavior on my decisions. A raw comment from a very good friend is a rare one indeed. Cherish that moment!

Lorgen Shadoufang said...

Hi Adrian,
Thanks for your views Sir, most appreciated!

Actually, the blog entry is a result of what I call my "mental experiments" ("day dreaming" probably also covers it :'p Actually, "imagination" in general, but "mental experiments" in me turn out to be social or psychological in nature). I have witnessed a lot of people who call themselves "frank", and they obviously haven't explored enough the world bigger than their own. This is my response to them.
I actually don't mind much being the target of "pranka" people. (Unlike when I was a teen though) I can handle the truth :') and it's excellent really that you also can, and in a good way too :')

And you are right, Adrian, raw comments from a very good friend are rare. Although sadly, rarer are humane or moral people.

Thanks again and May the Force be with You, Adrian ;')

[Apologies Sir. I reformatted/reinstalled my system for a week (still not finished ;'o) hence the late reply]

ADRIAN said...

Mental experiments... you sure do think a lot of stuff.

I was interested in what you said:

'Rarer are humane or moral people'

It sounds as if the world is filled with emptiness and bitterness and there is nothing but inhumanity all around. :(

I believe that morality is relative. And we define our own humanity. We human beings are faithful yet we face the despair of our own extinction and insignificance. I believe this is the origin of what you classify as 'rare humane or moral people'

Lorgen Shadoufang said...

Hey, man.
Yeah, I considered the relativity of the concepts of humaneness or morality, that was why I said "humane OR moral" (or "good" or "holy"; whatever people may prefer). I define it as something beneficial to others though not necessarily beneficial to oneself; thinking about and being considerate about the "human-ness" of someone (other than oneself... cos you're a "someone" too) in doing something; and whatever deed that intentionally violates or disrespects the well-being of others, for me, could be summarized as "immoral" or "inhumane".
In human rights lingo as well, I always refer to the abbreviation CID, i.e., "cruel, inhuman, degrading" in considering terminologies.

Those terminologies aside, I have thought about the nature of "humanity" and its relation to the human "struggles" in "good" and "evil" and I have come to a startling* conclusion :'o (startling in the sense that none of my teachers taught us about that; I'll have to write up those thoughts some time :'8) That would explain a lot about my 'rarer are humane or moral people' statement. :')
(Yeah, I'll keep that suspended for a while)
About what you said on "emptiness and bitterness and... inhumanity all around", I'm surprised how I can't weigh that statement right away. Whether it's true or not, I really can't say. But I'm a nice guy, and you're a nice guy, and the girl I last texted with seems nice... and I always see happy people...
When you said we are faithful, did you mean that religious-wise?
Until next time, man. Thanks, well appreciated, Adrian and best wishes ;')
I'll be visiting you in your online space/s later, it's already 0200am :'p