The Best Prayer

[... that I could think of.]

"God, take my freedom."

Have you prayed lately?

What have you prayed lately?


Mahalia said...

why? why take freedom? that's a bad bad prayer. or is it?

Lorgen Shadoufang said...

Hi, Mahalia thanks for dropping by! :') Yeah, I recognize that it is quite difficult to accept...

The main issue addressed in the prayer is faith. As I believe, freedom is a gift from God (and the subject of never-ending debates).

Giving my freedom to God is simply giving my faith to Him. How often have we to told others that we should have faith in Him? We hold obedience to God in high esteem. Doing anything that is not done FOR God is an imperfect deed (God is perfect and perfection), as I've learned.

Really, it is not easy to give our freedom to God. It is ours, and it is oh so very enjoyable, so why should we give it away or give it back to the Giver Himself? I think it is in that way that the prayer is more powerful. He gave us the choice to choose Him or not -- to choose faith over freedom. And choosing to give back -- and actually giving back -- our freedom to Him is the ultimate act of obedience.

I'm not saying that I have child-like trust in God and unwavering faith, much more unerring ways, but at least I have a prayer -- which is probably more like a mantra -- as guide... :')

Thanks again! :')

"Freedooom!" ~William Wallace, Braveheart

Anna Cosio said...

nice. I can relate :) haha

Lorgen Shadoufang said...

Anna... your first comment on my blog and I didn't notice it.

I'm sorry.
Doing better at this blogging thing now though :') I think.

I'm interested in what relates to you here, though. Was it my "wavering faith, powered by mantra"? :'p