My links now open in new window

Today I implemented this code in my Shadouness blog so that clicking any links in my posts will open a new window:

Make All Links Open In A New Window

Instead of coding each individual link to a blog, picture, or web site, you can make all links within your blog open in a new window. Simply add a "<base target='_blank' />" to your blog, in the header.


And change that to:
<base target='_blank' />

Thanks to the wonderful blog The Real Blogger Status.
EDIT 12-05-2009, 15:05: I reverted to the old link behavior. This new one gets somewhat annoying :'p It's OK if you use shortcut keys to navigate while browsing, but few people do that.
EDIT 12-08-2010, 22:09: Okay... I'm using the "open in new window" behavior in everything. Heh. I don't want people to go "backing" and "forwarding" with my site and the links that I provide ='p

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