The Col. Stauffenberg Connection

Three weeks ago, I watched Valkyrie on video. It is the 2008 film about the last attempt of the German Resistance to kill Adolf Hitler, the central character of which was Col. Claus von Stauffenberg.

"Valkyrie" was the name given to an emergency operation that would automatically take effect in case of a breakdown in civil order (and upon amendment, expanded its orders for an effective coup. It is explained within the first third of the film, and essential to understanding the whole events in the movie).

The attempt came to be known as the 20 July plot and Valkyrie was executed in one day. Col. Stauffenberg was arrested, jailed and sentence the same day and died by firing squad, along with his co-conspirators, at the age of 36.

July 20 was my brother's birth day, and "36" is my number because my birth day was March 6 (03-06). Wurd.

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