Self World Perspective

 Back in my first year of university, my History professor taught us to refer to countries in terms of where we are, not by what the foreigners call them.
The Middle East, for example: for me, an Asian, it's actually in the west of Asia.
It's about identity -- not just giving in to others telling you what you are. It's not being anti-social, after all no one knows himself fully, and instead needs to rely on other people to see reflections of himself. It's about being able to tell yourself and other people that there are things in you that they cannot control. Like what your name is, or how you will eat your fish.
My friend Raymond posted on Facebook, "we r all indeed APPROVAL JUNKIES" -- we just do whatever THEY like. You know, kids do that. If a kid kicks a dog, then you laugh, they'll just keep kicking it no matter how the dog whimpers. It's okay if his life mission is kicking the dog though.

People perceive the world as individuals and as societies (the West call our "Western Asia" as "Middle East", because they agreed to it) and it's important to look at how other people see your world. Examine how it affects you and everyone else, then act properly.

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