Facebook Hoax: "Girl Killed Herself..."

Debunking time =')

Afternoon. Browsing Facebook. A friend's status message read:
"This Girl killed herself after her dad Posted something on her wall!http://bit.ly/fClneO"

It was followed by another status message. Same friend:
"I honestly started crying after i saw this http://bit.ly/fClneO"

Other friends followed:
This Girl killed herself after her dad Posted something on her wall!http://apps.facebook.com/sadgl
I honestly started crying after i saw this http://apps.facebook.com/sadgl

I think clicking on those links wouldn't be harmful, but if you click on their links further, that would probably be unsafe. But if you think you're safe, go ahead. I retained the links for your... pleasure?

Hoaxy, I thought:
What my friends wrote wasn't them, personality-wise, and that wasn't how any of them write their statuses.

I clicked on a link, and a Facebook page appeared, with a hyperlinked image (see screenshot below). What appeared was NOT a news story. Just screams "HOAX!" in all caps with an exclamation point (no quotes).
Actual screenshot of that hoax/scam on my end. Click to view original size (957x678).

Here are some links to my search:


pmm012 said...

i'm one of the few facebook-ignorant people left in this planet.. so i dont what the heck your talking about! hahahahaha...

Lorgen Shadoufang said...

Wahaha, well you're still alive and you're happy, so it must be good :'p

Besides, it's another vehicle for millions of malicious stuff (scamming, virus, malware, snooping...), so you're a lot safer without it =')

Anonymous said...

She is but half a wife that is not, nor is capable of being a friend.