No To "World Peace"

[Tell you why next time.[12-10-2008]]

What is "world peace"?

Is it the absence of war? No hunger? All in harmony, no unemployment? No one being beaten up, everyone telling everyone else his secrets? No hate all love?

No matter. No one, I believe, has defined it definitely. It's a combination of all of those above and more. There's something about "world peace" that we can't quite get a hold of.

Utopia, right? Paradise. Uh-huh. But, then, we also don't really know what these concepts are.

That's the trouble with "world peace". We don't know what it is. We know some parts of it, but we don't know it fully. And yet we ask for it. So in that regard,
"I want world peace"
becomes a futile statement. It's wishing for something that we don't know about.

It's like being a big boss in a big corporation, having your own big spiffy office and asking your assistant to make you a coffee, "and make it taste like paradise, please".
How do you make coffee that tastes like paradise? I mean, how absolutely -- in the sense that if anyone else tasted it, he will say, "Wow! Utopian coffee!"?

Can your assistant make it?

Can you make it?

You can't.

And, THAT, for me, is the whole trouble with that "I want world peace" sort of thing. Yeah, sure, everyone can dream. Dream on. Dream on forever. (As if you know whether forever exists at all.)

But, then here's another thing: There are dreams that you can achieve and those that you cannot achieve. There are those that you are aiming for and there are those that you really don't care about whether they become true or not -- after all, dreams are free, right? Cheap. Happy thoughts in your head. Wow. It's like The Matrix* in your head. "Ignorance is bliss."

So, believe me, if you "want world peace", you don't care if it becomes true or not. Because, ultimately, you believe so very subconsciously that it's impossible. Because you can't define it.

Wishing for something to happen that you believe can't happen is to absolve yourself from the responsibility of making it happen.


Because, as I've said, you know that you can't make it happen.
And in that regard, it only means that you want others or someone else to do it for you.

"I wish for world peace" is like saying "Give me world peace" (whoever the recipient of that statement is) -- it's a command, not a statement for action.

So, okay, let's try to define "world peace" again.

It's a condition where everyone respects the rights of others. (support Amnesty International Philippines)
It's where no wife or child or husband is abused. (Stop Violence Against Women, Bantay Bata 163, MenWeb)
No one gets to be a victim of land mines. (go ahead, Adopt-A-Mine)
Guns are not used for homicide, murder, coercion... (Control Arms)
Everyone has decent shelter and living condition. (try Habitat For HumanityKivaABS-CBN Foundation)
Everyone respects the environment. (support Greenpeace)
There is no corruption in politics and business. (UN Global Compact on Transparency and Anti-Corruption, "No to Corruption" campaign by the UN Convention Against Corruption)
One religion for all, or all religion in harmony, or no religion at all. (practice Religious Tolerance)
Everyone eats well. (serve Food Not Bombs, Say No To GMOs!***)

However you define world peace, if you want it, don't look too much at it as a whole. Look at it in parts. Dissassemble your previous vague or ambiguous definition of that concept and work on those parts instead.

We'll all be better off with you not wishing for world peace but making, say, everyone's hair beautiful all year round**.

Screw "World Peace".
'cos there's something better ;') -->DOING SOMETHING for world peace.

[Now you know.
And knowing is half the battle. G.I. Joe. (G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra live-action movie slated for release in 2009 :'p)]

*For those who haven't understood the concept of the movie The Matrix (as I haven't on my first viewing :'p), it's about the enslavement of humans by the machines. A war waged between humans and machines; humans cut off the machines' power supply, we were defeated, the machines discovered that our bodies are like batteries (Duracell). So they harvested us for power, created/cloned/grew us in their power farms, and in order for our psyche to not reject the whole setup, machines programmed a dreamworld and fed these into our brains, a dreamworld that we accept.
Rage against the machine.
**No complaints against my barber/hairstylist :'p Just an example. After all I've been my own hairstylist for over 6 monhts now. Hah!
***GMOs=Genetically Modified Organisms, a.k.a. GEO=Genetically Engineered Organisms, a.k.a. GM or GE. Present GMOs are a threat to health, to the environment, and to small farmers; and benefits only governments, large corporations, and other immoral or unethical individuals and organizations.


bluepanjeet | OTWOMD™ said...

haha bitin naman neto haha

hmmm may nakaaway ka? yan kasi lagi ko sinasabi dun sa mga kurimao sa blog ko na gusto makipagbati--- sinasabi ko "world peace ka jan!" LOL

Lorgen Shadoufang said...

A-hehehe... sorry. :'p

Wala namang nakaaway. Ayaw ni Santa Claus nun. Ayokong malaktawan ng regalo ni Santa ;'DDD
I just wanted to remind myself that I've planned to write about it for a long time.

Saying to "tell you about it next time" only reminds me to do it. And I've done it at last. At long last, hahaha!

Maraming salamat bluep ;'D no to world peace! ='D
ay, tsaka be a gud boy this Christmas ;'DDD