Goodbye, WinXP... Goodbye, World

I was browsing the 'Net looking for Visual Styles to change my Windows interface (got bored with it again). I decided to drop by TGTSoft again for StyleXP. Somewhere in the StyleXP page was this line:

Also, see XP at the Microsoft site:
Windows XP Tours & Demos"

I clicked the link...

and then I saw this:

Free Image Hosting at

["The facts about the future: Microsoft Windows XP"]

Well, I thought that WinXP, being so successful an operating system as it is, would be "forever". I'm not really that comfortable having to relearn a lot about a new OS. I haven't tried the new OS, but based on what I've been hearing and reading, I hate Vista for being so buggy and unsupported. Or unsupportive. Guess, I'll have to really learn the new OS then. My hardware is ready now, anyway.

All is not lost however, for the site said that the discontinuance of Windows XP will only be by sales, but support will continue until 2014.*

Well, yeah, right. (It depends on what you'd believe... read on...) Ever heard of the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy? I learned about it through Raymond Lazaro -- a brilliant friend with a penchant for the "eccentric" (all geniuses were eccentric) -- who read about it last year, I think, which led me to follow it through the 'Net and finally getting a hold of a copy of The History Channel's episode. So... 2014, huh? That's actually barely two years beyond the Mayan Calendar's date of doomsday (12-21-2012), so that date (2014) may just be a fallacy =')

Have a nice day, everyone.

*Well, they should. They just released Service Pack 3 -- and I've already installed it -- a few weeks (2 months?) ago, and it still isn't as spiffy as it should be (as I've heard).

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